CCU-RPA 2023-2024年日历


Retired faculty and staff of Campbellsville大学 are invited to join the newly-created CU-退休人员协会 or CU-RPA, 旨在提供“连接”, continuity and communication” (3Cs) among all retired faculty and staff and Campbellsville大学.
CU-RPA will provide an opportunity for CU retired employees to continue being a part of the CU family, to get together socially for luncheons and regular meetings and to be involved in CU activities. There may also be opportunities for retirees to serve/volunteer in areas of interest at the University and in the community and to contribute toward a CU-RPA Scholarship Fund.


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  • 提供一个有利于学生成功的环境
  • 在以基督为中心的团体中重视不同的观点
  • 树立仆人式领导和有效管理的典范


The vision of CU-RPA is to encourage retired faculty and staff to remain actively engaged the life of Campbellsville大学, 在学术, 教育, 在校园和社区开展学术和文化活动.

CU-RPA的使命 supports the Campbellsville大学 mission to model servant leadership and effective stewardship of time, 人才与奖学金. Its mission is to 1) celebrate the role of retired faculty and staff for their many years of service to higher education, 对众多的学生和大学, 2) to advocate for their special concerns and interests of its members and 3) to provide opportunities for the members to continue participating in the university’s activities as desired.


2023年1月. 约瑟夫·霍普金斯, best365体育网站校长, appointed a founding committee to oversee the development of an organization for retired CU faculty and staff. The committee members met several times on campus during the spring semester and early summer of 2023 to develop drafts of key documents such as 章程 and 会员 Forms. The founding committee members were supported at meetings and electronically by the following administration of CU:

Dr. 约瑟夫·霍普金斯best365体育网站校长


Dr. 唐娜·Hedgepath 1
Dr. 唐娜Hedgepathbest365体育网站教务长


Dr. 珍妮特帕克best365体育网站教务长



Dr. 帕特·牛郎
Dr. 帕特丽夏牛郎现任工商、经济与技术学院代理院长




Dr. 卡洛琳驻军,教育学院退休教师(2020年12月退休)


琼C. 麦金尼6
琼·麦金尼, Retired Director of Campbellsville大学 Communications (Retired February 2023)




制定了CU-RPA章程, reviewed and revised several times by the founding committee during the spring of 2023. The current edition represents discussion and decisions about the by-laws at those meetings and will be reviewed and approved by the CU-RPA membership.

I. 名字
II. 目的
3. 会员
IV. 费
V. 投票权
VI. 政府
7. 会议
8. 军官
XI: 章程


根据 CU-RPA章程八, there will be a Board of Directors, initially consisting of the officers.

  • 总统
  • 副总统/当选总统
  • 秘书
  • 财务主管
  • 过去的总统

The Board/officers shall be elected by the membership during the last meeting of the fiscal year which is July through June each year. 军官可以自己继任. 在成立年度,军官可能是志愿者.


An Annual Meeting shall be held at a time and place as fixed by the Board of Directors/军官, 在每学年的春季. Notice of the time and place of Association meetings shall be given to members at least 15 days in advance of meetings. CU-RPA暂定每学期至少会面一次.
Other meetings may be set by the Board of Directors/军官 as desired. Some meetings may be virtual to accommodate members who live a distance from the university. These may include fall and spring full membership meetings plus committee meetings. 所有的业务, committee and special meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, 最新版.


都是正式退休的CU员工, 由科罗拉多大学人力资源办公室分类, 应被视为有资格成为会员. 缴纳会费后才可成为会员. 退休成员包括非cu配偶/伴侣, 包括已故退休教职员工. 批准, membership may be granted for faculty/staff and others who have served CU many years but do not meet the official retirement criteria. 只有正式会员在商务会议上才有投票权.
在CURPA第一年的成员, 7月1日, 2023年至6月30日, 2024, 会被视为创始成员吗.

The Board of Directors shall propose annual membership dues, ratified by the general membership. The Board also has the option of establishing life-time membership dues. CU-RPA除了会费之外没有其他收入来源. Once the board and officers are in place, the CU-RPA budget may be developed.
年费于7月1日支付,不迟于9月1日. 不合格的会员将被剥夺投票权. 创始委员会将会费定为15美元.每年00英镑,包括非中大受雇配偶/伴侣.
Members may also contribute toward a CU-RPA Scholarship fund which can be awarded based on criteria to be established by the membership. Please include separate checks for membership/T-shirts and for scholarship contributions.


We invite you to join CU-RPA and continue being a part of the CU family!!

* 邮寄:

  • 会员费15美元.每年从7月1日到6月30日.
  • Checks may be made out to CU-RPA and can include general membership and T-Shirt orders (see below).
  • 邮件 会员形式 并检查: CU-RPA, Campbellsville大学, UPO Box 941, Campbellsville, KY, 42718


  • 会员费15美元.每年从7月1日到6月30日.
  • 点击这里在线加入CU-RPA. 滚动到列表底部并单击 CU-RPA会员和t恤

订购cu-rpa t恤

CU- rpa t恤有两种设计:CU Retired & 中大名誉教授. 下面是荣誉退休学院的设计. 退役的设计是类似的.

Prices/Sizes: S-XL $11; 2XL $14; 3XL $15

  • 所列价格为现行价格,可能会有变动.
  • If your shirt will need to be mailed to you, please add cost of shipping; at least $5.00.
  • 我们至少需要12件衬衫才能下订单.
  • The cost of T-Shirt orders may be included with the membership check for mail-in.

* 邮寄:

  • 见上面的价格. Checks may be made out to CU-RPA and can include general membership and T-Shirt orders.
  • 检查t恤的邮件地址: CU-RPA, Campbellsville大学, UPO Box 941, Campbellsville, KY, 42718


  • 点击这里在线订购t恤. 滚动到列表底部并单击 CU-RPA会员和t恤
  • 请定期检查,因为可能会增加其他服装.


请考虑捐款给加州大学rpa奖学金基金, 通过开发办公室的指定帐户建立. 一旦会员开始开会, the name of the scholarship and the frequency and criteria for awarding it will be determined.

向CU-RPA奖学金基金捐款 CU-RPA Scholarship, Campbellsville大学, UPO 941, 坎贝尔斯维尔,肯塔基42718
在此向中大- rpa奖学金基金网上捐款: 给在线   Please write CU-RPA in the Designated Funds box under the donation amount.


CU-RPA 2023-2024年日历

First Meeting: Meet/Greet at the 同学会 Picnic on Saturday, 9/23


请通过CU邮件或电子邮件与CU- rpa联系.
邮件: CU-RPA, Campbellsville大学, UPO Box 941, 坎贝尔斯维尔,肯塔基42718
电子邮件: curpa@conversekids.net